The Lost is Found

I normally write about what God is teaching me through my horses. However, I am preparing for a Lay Speaking Story Telling Class for this weekend, and I had to write a story to tell. So I thought I would share it on my blog.  As some of you guess this story is about me and it relates to the Lost Sheep Parable that Jesus tells in Luke chapter 15. Enjoy.

She had been gone for quite a few years. She wandered off on her own looking for greener grass, adventures, and excitement.  She searched for love, purpose, and meaning.

And there was talk, lots of it; that went something like this:

“It’s her own fault. She chose to leave.”

“Shouldn’t she suffer the consequences of her bad choices?”

“What does she expect? You reap what you sow.”

“She needs to learn the price of obedience. How else will she learn?”

“She is an embarrassment to us. She reflects poorly our values.”

“Leave her alone. She is not worthy of love.”

That is really exactly what she wanted – to be left alone – to find her own way.

She left a note on the dresser in the bedroom explaining she wasn’t coming back and don’t bother looking for her because there will be no forwarding address.

She always lived in the green valley under the protection of a loving family until a young marriage threw her into a dry desert of despair and confusion. So she ran away, as far and fast as she could.

At first climbing up the steep mountains were exhilarating and it gave her a sense of freedom and confidence in herself. As she explored she saw beauty on the mountain tops which thrilled her.

But there were also dangers along the way which tried to destroy her.

Bears with Anger.

Foxes with Pride.

Sneaky Cougars with selfishness.

Wolves with deception.

Coyotes with cleverness, “leaning on her own understanding.”

It seemed like she escaped from each one of these sinful predators, even though each encounter left her with both visible and invisible battle scars. Finally one day they all surrounded her and she found herself trapped on a steep ragged cliff, clinging desperately to a crumbling ledge, with no place left to go.

While going her own way looking for freedom she found herself cut off, imprisoned and out of options. She watched her wounds bleed as she cried and held on; hoping for a rescue.

As she hung there between life and death she wondered if she had gone too far this time? Was she totally abandoned? Was it over? Just as this thought crossed her mind the rock she gripped between her weakening hands began to collapse.

Suddenly she heard footsteps whispering in the distance, they were moving closer, closer, and then a familiar voice called her name over and over.

She did not know He had been calling for his lost love for a long time. Even though there was no answer He continued to search. Finally, in the darkest hour before dawn, He found his precious lost one at the perfect time.

From the depths of her soul she squeaked out “I’m over here, Lord, HELP, I need you!”

As she saw his face the cliff gave away again and she heard him say, “Don’t worry precious one, nothing can separate you from my love. Not height, nor depth. Not your accomplishments. Not even your failures. I promised never to leave or forsake you. I will pursue you no matter where you go because I love you.”

Using his Shepherd’s hook, He pulled her to safety just as the rock she hung from split. It plunged to the earth below shattering into a broken pieces as it hit.

He saved her from certain death and destruction. And then He took her in his arms. He didn’t scold or punish her. He simply carried her all the way home.

As the morning sunshine poured across the green pasture, the Shepherd arrived home as he carried her over his strong shoulders.

He called to His friends and neighbors “Come celebrate with me! I have found my precious one that was lost!”

That day, even the angels in Heaven rejoiced.  For once she was lost. But now she was found.


2 thoughts on “The Lost is Found

  1. Sandy Wright says:

    Wow Sherry – wonderful story! How curious is it that we were friends in high school, went totally separate directions in life, yet had this same experience, and our Good Shepherd brought us both back “home”! Our paths crossed a couple times, but guess the timing wasn’t right for us to be close again, or even reach out to each other! Even though I haven’t “made time” to get to Burwell to connect with you again, I feel close to you through your web site and do intend to come visit. I am finding that it takes a lot of time and resources, as well as “baby steps” to get life back in order, in the Lord’s time, not mine. Hope to see you soon! Friend, Sandy

  2. Sandy, I have thought of you often through the years. I know we have a connection and I hope we can find time in our busy lives to actually see each other again. It would be great if you could come to one of my Spirit Horse Retreats, or just stop by and visit some time when you come to Burwell to see you Dad. We will keep in touch. I am glad that for now we can reach each over via internet. I am glad you enjoyed the story. I let my parents read it this afternoon, they both cried. They read all of the things between the lines in this story that other people don’t know. We had a special time together remembering those things together today.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers Sandy,
    Your Friend,

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