• Psalm 27:14: Wait for the LORD;  be strong and take heart  and wait for the LORD.

It was a little chillier today, but another unusually warm day for the end of Dec. As I walked to the round pen with Sorry at my side a helicopter flew right over head breaking the silence of the stillness of the day. I stopped for a moment and watched it fly over. The first of many periods of waiting Sorry and I would experience together during our two-hour session.  As I began to walk again, Sorry hesitated for a moment as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to leave the herd. But it only took a little kiss noise with my mouth to encourage her to follow me.

Once in the round pen I took the halter off again, but this time instead of invisible line driving, I stayed in the middle of the round pen suggesting the direction and speed she moved forward.  I played with some up and down transitions using only my breath and life. Could I influence her without breaking either one of our bubbles? She was very willing. So I focused a little more on her draw since it can use some work. It is easy to get her to turn and face, but she doesn’t always come toward me as well as I wish she did. Whenever her draw to me was strong I spent a lot of time just waiting at her side experimenting with that stillness we both had experienced on Sun. She was definitely more relaxed and with me today. She didn’t seem to have a case of the druthers this time. She used more of the pen with freedom except for the side that still had some snow which was slightly slick. Can’t hardly blame her for that, so I overlooked it.

When I mounted she stood at ease, and I examined our energy to be sure we had the true stillness we had discovered in our last session. It felt pretty good. So we waited. Before I asked her to move I asked for some lateral flexion on both sides. I was particular about her position, how I asked and when I released. And then we waited. If she gave me any resistance, I waited.

This time when I moved her forward I was very pleased with the straightness, attitude and the amount of energy she gave me compared to how it had been during our last ride. I played with some freestyle transitions, (no rein contact). I felt we were off to a very good session, so we waited some more.

Most days this waiting for the horse to lick and chew, catch her wind, and relax is quite easy for me. However, waiting today was more challenging because my hands and feet were chilly and by the time we were finished they were starting to get numb. It was pretty warm when I left the house,  but as the sun went behind the trees by the round pen the temperature began to drop quickly. If I had worn warmer gloves and my winter boots it would not have been an issue and my patience would not have been so short. At least that is the theory. Have you ever noticed that it is a lot harder to wait when you are uncomfortable? A couple of times I thought, “Are you ever going to relax?” though I am sure it was less than a minute.

Even though I was getting cold I wanted to play around with some soft feel in vertical flexion. Again it was a game of waiting. Present the feel and wait for the correct response. Reward the try, then wait before asking again, thus giving her an opportunity to think about what had just happened. Now this isn’t the first time we have done this. So how was this time different? I was very intentional not only about the kind of feel and response we were offering one another, but I was  more conscious than ever about allowing that stillness to stay in both of us even though we were moving. I noticed that when the sense of stillness was present that the amount of time from when the feel was presented to getting the desired response was much shorter. In other words I didn’t have to wait as long for my horse to get with me, and she even started to stay with me longer. But when either one of us lost the quietness it took longer to get the correct response.

The moment I took my right foot out of the right stirrup in order to prepare for dismounting I felt the life and energy come up in Sorry. We lost that sense of stillness. So guess what I did? Yep! I waited. I know she was just feeling an excitement about going back to the herd and the barn for her grain. But even though I was getting pretty cold by now and I was as excited about going back as she was I disciplined myself to be still and wait. I knew that getting in a hurry for any reason would only set us back. So I chose to wait even though it was uncomfortable. Keith was already home from work, so I knew it had to be passed 5:00.

What does all of this waiting mean? And how can we apply it to our spiritual lives? I can think of a lot of ways. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Here are some scriptures about waiting for you to meditate upon.

  • Hebrews 6-15: And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.
  • Romans 8:25: But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.
  • Hosea 12:6: But you must return to your God;  maintain love and justice,  and wait for your God always
  • Lamentations 3:26: it is good to wait quietly  for the salvation of the LORD
  • Isaiah 30:18: Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you;  therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice.  Blessed are all who wait for him!
  • Proverbs 8:34: Blessed are those who listen to me,  watching daily at my doors,  waiting at my doorway.
  • Psalm 37:7: Be still before the LORD  and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways,  when they carry out their wicked schemes

I think waiting on the Lord or your horse isn’t an easy task for most people, especailly when it is uncomfortable. We certainly do live in an instant society, where we not only want it now, but we expect everything right now! My hubby gave me a new laptop for Christmas and boy is it fast compared to my old antique desk top. In just a few days I am already getting spoiled. It didn’t used to bother me to have to wait minutes for something, not now by golly, if I have to wait a second or two I am thinking, “What is wrong with this stupid thing?”

When in the round pen try to get on horse time, which will include some waiting. When you ask God for something don’t be surprised if he asks you to wait sometimes. After all he is the Master Trainer and knows best. Trust Him. Plus don’t you think he is waiting on us sometimes? I sure am glad he is long-suffering. Oh what a patient God we serve.

As you go about your work and celebrating the birth of Christ this week, I encourage you to slow down a little. Stop rushing. Allow yourself to be still and wait on the Lord. I am positive he will bless you when you do. Isn’t that what Advent is all about? (Preparing and waiting for the Lord’s coming.) Don’t forget he is coming again. Amen.



2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Sherry,
    Thank you, thank you for your writings in this new blog…I absolutely love it!! The concept of waiting is one I constantly struggle with as I like to have control, and the joke is on me as I know I’m NOT in control!! Thank goodness though, as God is and I trust in Him. I will remember this post as I’m working with Snap and Audrey and going about my blessed daily life…wait, and trust. I will start saving for one of your Spirit Horse Retreats for sure…no doubt it is an amazing journey.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. So glad you are enjoying it Alison. Don’t feel along, waiting is difficult for many of us. And remembering we are not in control is a humbling yet freeing concept. I hope you can come this year to a Retreat.
    God bless,

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