Welcome to Sandhills Horse Sense

Here at Sandhills Horse Sense I will share how horses have taught me a little horse sense which has lead me on a journey that caused me to become much closer to the Master Trainer, Jesus Christ. Just like a well-trained horse, we have the responsibility to choose to live in a way that honors the Master Trainer, Jesus. He has a purpose for each one of our lives.  A few years ago I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to make a place for people to come with their horses to relax, reflect and renew their walk with God, by using the relationship we have with horses as a way of teaching us about our spiritual life in Christ.

It has taken a few years for God to prepare me for this ministry, and put it all together. The doors are now opening as I continue to yield to his leadership and guidance. Even though I may not always see what God is doing. I know that he is working things out for his purpose and glory. He is taking the pieces of my life and turning them into something fresh and new. He keeps telling me seek Him, let Him have the reins and hang on because He is taking me for the ride of my life. God is still training me and I know it is a life long process. I have peace and confidence in my Master Trainer, Jesus because I know He won’t steer me wrong.

We have to make daily choices with our horses as we guide and lead them toward being well trained, so too we make daily choices to let God take the reins of our lives to guide and lead us or not.

We set boundaries for our horses everyday. These boundaries are the actions and behaviors that are acceptable to us or not. Things that we know will keep them and us safe. Things that will develop both our confidence as a rider and that of the horse as a partner.  It is very much the same with our Master Trainer, Jesus. When we honor the boundaries of his words in the Bible, we will find security and confidence in our Master Trainer.

Boundaries are often used to teach us direction.  God uses boundaries in our lives to expose our sinful nature and teach us how to live obediently to His purpose for our lives. When we cross healthy boundaries we often end up with a self-centeredness which usually produces tragic consequences.

It is much the same when setting boundaries when training a horse. When I train a horse I have a goal in mind. A well-trained, consistent horse needs a solid foundation of boundaries. If he doesn’t have these boundaries he can be very dangerous both to himself and to the rider or handler.

When we live in pride, self-centeredness, fear, or a number of other sinful ways we become dangerous both to ourselves and those around us. The painful consequences that follow may help us to realize that we are not God, that we are not smarter than God, and that we need Him.

God is the only one who can change our heart. He is the only one who can safely hold the reins of our lives, set our boundaries and direct us without damaging us.  And in fact He will heal us, make us whole, and help us become the person He created us to be through his Masterful Training Program.

We pray you will be able to come and be a part of this Masterful Training Program through a Spirit Horse Retreat where God can use your love of Horses to teach you even more about life, His character, and what He has in store for you. If you are not able to travel to central Nebraska to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful sandhills at one of our Retreats, we invite you to follow this blog as we share some Sandhills horse sense with you.

In Christ,



6 thoughts on “Welcome to Sandhills Horse Sense

  1. Leigh says:

    Love your new blog Sherry!
    Best Wishes in this journey too.

  2. Deb T says:

    Hi Sherry, Love your new blog-the falling dots are really neat-kinda like stars!
    My aha moment with my relationship with God as my heavenly father came from an incident with my son where I was very disappointed with something I discovered and then it was like a lightbulb went off and I thought how much my actions or behaviors disappoint God and yet he loves me, forgives me and gives me the opportunity to repent. I also realized how much he loves us because he gave his son to die on a cross for us so we’d have an opportunity to spend eternity with him.
    As far as my horse goes I am thankful for all the opportunities riding gives me to enjoy being outside. I marvel at the beauty all around and am grateful for the time it affords for thought and reflection.

    • Thanks Deb. The little dots are suppose to be snow. Ha Ha. But they could be stars too! Love the story about your Son. Hope to see you this year.

      • Deb T says:

        After I went to bed last night I layed and tried to think of a way I could relate my horse experience that day with my God experience and this is what I came up with. Unlike the sandhills it was windy yesterday in Iowa. Bonz seemed in the right frame of mind as I brushed and saddled him to just get on and ride even though it has been 3 weeks or so. We did a lot of flexing looking for softness. As we rode there seemed to be many distractions-the car across the field, the dog darting in and out, blowing bags etc. I would work on flexing him to bring him back to me, to redirect his thoughts and focus. That leaves me wondering in what ways does God keep trying to get me to focus on him as I am continually distracted away from Him, his wishes and desire for me to do his will? So my goal amid the hustle and bustle of the next few days is to look for those cues God might be using to get me to refocus on HIm, his work and his will.

  3. Yes, Deb, I will look for the details and cues where God might be trying to keep me focused on Him and his work as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    God bless,

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